Monday, October 27, 2008

Home Based Business

Come relax in my home and let's plan that dream wedding.
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Friday, October 24, 2008

Pizza Nite

Tonite is Pizza nite with two of our grandkids.
Maddie is a cheerleader and has her last game
this week-end.
Jack is 5 and is quarter back and will have his
last game tomorrow.
I have put white ribbons on 50 red roses for the
kids to give to their parents at the games.
These kids are so cute. Will post pictures

Friday, October 10, 2008

Going on Sisters Trip

My little sister and I are setting out to visit my mother whom
is ill and we are going to stop and shop on the way to Virginia. I will be back in a week.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fall Cleaning.........

Been doing the fall "cleaning and throwing out" system at my house.
The master "hers" bedroom closet is all cleaned out. Wow didn't know
one could accumlate so much stuff. But I am as my hubby puts it, the
queen of stuff. I have been so busy with weddings, work and grandkids
that the time to do any deep cleaning is now to the point that I have run
out of closet space to put any new " bags" from shopping.
It is so funny when you call your neighbors, family and friends and tell
them to come shopping at your house. Last sunday took 7 hours just
to clean my closet. That my girlfriends is too unreal. Who besides me
could have so much stuff. I will be cleaning out nite stands this week-end
after a wedding for Saturday. Next week is tackle time for the vanities.
That's another story. Have a great week-end.

Our Home

We really enjoy the atmosphere where our home is located. A rural area that is so
quiet and its very peaceful. We enjoy sitting on the back covered porch or sitting
on the garage portion patio. The wind life is amazing in this area and sitting on
the patio underneath the covered porch and swinging in the swing with my husband
is my idea of relaxing.

Jake, Maddie, David and Jack. In Myrtle Beach 2008 (Grandkids-We Adore These Children)

Kara- The Princess (My Youngest Grandaughter)

My Beautiful Daughters........

This is my two daughters, Natalie and Shannon.
Shannon is 38 has three children Maddie, Jack and Cullen.
Natalie is 35 has three children Jake, David and Kara.
I have the greatest daughters and the most wonderful grandkids.