Thursday, November 20, 2008

Planning A Wedding In the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky or Indiana Area?

You may contact me at:

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jerseygirl211 said...

Hi Blossom'

I thought I added your blog to my list, but when I tried to leave you a message, it wouldn't work. Guess I did something wrong. :(

Shortly after I left a comment that I did wedding flowers, there was some interest, and they asked me to post pictures of our daughter's wedding, so I did. I thought you might like to take a look. Please keep in mind this was 14 years ago and weddings have changed a lot.

I'm so gald I caught your post today at Gollums.


Jill said...

Have a great weekend Blossom!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so grateful you are following my blog.. I don't think I have expressed how much I enjoy your site. If I haven't told you I have decorated for many weddings. I actually almost bought my Uncles business. I still want too, but with Ed sick, I need to wait a big. Mean time I love visiting your site. I will someday send you the cakes I had a 3 weddings. Of course I went overboard because they were my children's. You have delicious ideas and one a one to one email or visit on phone someday I would love to chat about this. I know so many people everywhere that maybe I could send customers your way. Meantime.... have you ever tried the block glass, (too hard to explain), I will maybe create a blog for you and show you some ideas from this part of the neighborhood, or should I say country... You are so talented. I would love to have you rub off on me. Best wishes and thanks so much for your friendship. I can't pass visiting your blog, I feel I owe this to my wonderful followers. Nanette