Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This Is Not Mrs. Claus's Closet Or Work Shop

Well, the closet in the master bedroom is done, cleaned and organized.
My list have been made for decorating and cleaning for the holidays.
I have bought my christmas cards and have my list ready to fill them out.

I have staged the great room fire place mantle for decorating tomorrow night.
The great room will be completed by this week.

My menu list for the holidays have been made. My dear husband has a list of honey do's on the fridge to be completed by Dec. 10th.

All is well here. Please send in your comments on how you go about decorating
your home for the holidays. Do you stage each room or do you put up all your
trees and then go back and decorate. Please share some of your easy steps to


Melissa Miller said...

Hi blossum, Sounds like you have a head start and are so well organized. We have two trees one Red and the other is Ivory/Gold. I love Christmas Decor' and all things traditional about the Holidays. I need to get started next weekend for sure. ~Warmly, Melissa

Anonymous said...

Gm Blossom. We always have the outside done first, on Thanksgiving evening at 6 sharp, our neighbors and us turn our lights on. Then I have to decorate the tree in the clubhouse. After that I start in my house, usually with the big main tree, then I go by rooms.


Bo said...

Blossom my dear...you put me to shame...haha...you are so on top of everything. Over the years, I've kind of become more sporadic with my decorating...thinking I'd do just a little and then I get carried away and just decorate & decorate. I love that part...but hate taking things down...it seems they never fit back like they were??? ;-) Bo

cinderella said...

Hey Anita, finally made it here. I will add to my favorites so I won't have a hard time finding you. I decorate right after Thanksgiving. I think I will have a time this year as 2 kittens have come into my life. I will e-mail you the story. Have a great day. Sasha

Melissa Miller said...

Hi, I'm not too sure I am so new at this but I think when you do a new post it gives you the option of where to place your "lettering" and "photos". (side, middle,side) Hope I helped but I have needed help from my computer whiz husband every time so far.
I may try to post today on my own. LOL!~ Melissa